Kemper Medical began as a single manufacturer company, primarily local, handling local customer service for Shielding International. Because of the exceptional products, reputation and customer service provided by Shielding, Kemper Medical was able to grow. KMI is now a global supplier of radiation protection products from Shielding International. We couldn’t be happier with their staff, their customer service, quality of their products, and willingness to listen to those of us who have worked in the field of radiology.



We have had the privilege of offering Shielding products for 30 years. Steadfast in their commitment to quality and the maintenance of long-term customer relationships; we are proud to work with Shielding then and now!


Shielding International and myself were born the same year. Our paths crossed at the RSNA conference 20 years ago when I joined JD Honigberg International to grow the new Medical department and whose founder (Joel Honigberg) had initiated the business relation with Shielding in 1996. 

My first contact was with Doug Lofting and Brent Moschetti. From the very first moment I talked to them, I saw that their passion was both in establishing Shielding as a leader in x-ray protective material oug taught me the importance of being well protected in radiology and how to discern quality material that will give peace of mind to the radiologists or patients when subject to radiation. From that very first meeting I knew that I wanted to carry their goals all around the world with the same passion. 

 As time went on, the international business grew for Shielding and JD Honigberg International as well as our mutual friendship to the point where we were more than just business partners and looked more like one big family celebrating events from the inauguration of the new facility to the birth of my son Vincent and the joy for them to see him every year with my wife around favorite Chinese food. And I also had the privilege to taste the best seasoned fresh fish I ever had on a grill prepared by Doug, who’s passion for fishing salmon out of the sea equals his and the whole Shielding team’s passion for developing the offering of x-ray protective quality solutions around the world. The passion for developing Shielding has with no doubt been transferred into the next generation who will pursue this goal and extend Shielding’s global reach even further with Ashlyn who has the same fire and leadership in her as her father.