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810 / 810C - Spinal Stole

810 / 810C - Spinal Stole

The Spinal Stole X-ray Apron is designed for use in spinal radiograph procedures, features non-slip backing and lead-free back neck area providing total spine viewing. Fully adjustable.  

  • 810 : Adult | 25″L x 9″W  (63.5cm x 22.9cm)
  • 810C : Child | 20″L x 5.25W  (50.5cm x 13.3cm)

Protection Options:

  • 0.5mm Pb Eq :  RL-Reg Lead, TL-TL Lite Ply, NL-Non Lead, LF-Lead Free Bi-layer
  • 0.35mm Pb Eq :  RLL-Reg Lead, TLL-TL Lite Ply, NLL-Non Lead, LFL-Lead Free Bi-layer
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