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Shielding International

671BS - Bib Style Thyroid Collar

671BS - Bib Style Thyroid Collar

Bib Style Thyroid Collar is a light weight design with maximum thyroid protection.  This collar is lighter as the protection is only in the bib and 2-1/2" on each strap.  Includes binding and rear hook and look  closure.  One size fits most.

 Length of Protection:  13" / 33.023cm

Overall Length:   24" / 60.96cm

Protection Options:

  • 0.5mm Pb Eq :  RL-Reg Lead, TL-TL Lite Ply, NL-Non Lead, LF-Lead Free Bi-layer
  • 0.35mm Pb Eq :  RLL-Reg Lead, TLL-TL Lite Ply, NLL-Non Lead, LFL-Lead Free Bi-layer
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