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BR / BRX- Back Relief Apron

BR / BRX- Back Relief Apron

Back Relief Aprons transfer the weight from the shoulders to the hips and assist with lower back stress with the aid of a belt.   Adjustable back shoulder strap keeps the apron snug. Shoulder pads included.  Choose from 2 belt options. Please indicate belt size when ordering.

Protection Options:

  • 0.5mm Pb Eq:  RL Regular Lead, TL Lite Ply, NL-Non Lead, LF-Lead Free Bi-layer
  • 0.35mm Pb Eq:  RLL Regular Lead, TLL Lite Ply, NLL-Non Lead, LFL-Lead Free Bi-layer

BR Belt Options: - 6" wide elastic belt

  • BR-S-Small  Fits Waist: 28"-38" (71.1-96.5cm)
  • BR-M-Medium    Fits Waist:  36"-48" (91.4-121.9cm)
  • BR-L-Large    Fits Waist: 44"-58"  (111.8-147.3cm)

BRX Belt Options: - pulley system for greater adjustability 

  • BRX-S- Small  Fits Waist: 25"-30" (63.5-76.2cm)
  • BRX-M- Medium    Fits Waist:  30"-35" (76.2-88.9cm)
  • BRX-L- Large    Fits Waist: 35"-40" (88.9-101.6cm)
  • BRX-XL - X-Large  Fits Waist 40"-45" (101.6-114.3cm)
  • BRX-XXL - 2X-Large    Fits Waist 45"-50"   (114.3-127cm)
  • BRX-XXXL - 3X-Large    Fits Waist 50"-55" (127-139.7cm)     

     Belts may also be ordered separately. 

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