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IBG | 0.18mm Radiation Resistant Surgical Gloves

IBG | 0.18mm Radiation Resistant Surgical Gloves

Sterile radiation protection gloves for use during interventional procedures, diagnostic heart catheterization, coronary angioplasty, angiocardiography, pain management, orthopedics and fluoroscopy procedures.

  • Gloves are Lead Free
  • Made with Non Latex rubber
  • Gloves are powder Free
  • IBG gloves have a High Radiation Attenuation
  • These gloves are the best choice if exceptional tactile sensitivity is required.
  • IBG Gloves have a 0.18mm thickness

Radiation Attenuation Values

60kVp 80kVp 100kVp 120kVp
56.5% 47.1% 41.6% 37.7%


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