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LG - Leaded Glass & Frame

LG - Leaded Glass & Frame

Lead Glass:  Made of high quality optical grade material, offering excellent radiation protection and superb visual clarity.  Available in custom sizes up to 48" x 96" .  For cost effectiveness choose from standard sizes.

 Lead Equivalent Thickness X-Ray Peak Voltage
1.6mm -2.0mm 1/16" - 5/16"   (7-9mm) 150 kVp

Telescopic Lead Frames:  Manufactured for ease of installation in rough opening after wallboard is installed.  Constructed from 16 gauge "JETCOAT" (HGDS) steel for rust resistance with paintable surface and fully lined with 1/16" lead lining.  Adjusts for walls 4-1/2" (10.8cm) to 7" (17.8cm) thick.  Fits into rough opening of 1" larger than glass  size.

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