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Shielding International

SM - Smock Top Apron

SM - Smock Top Apron

Features front and back protection with two adjustable hook and loop closures, one at the upper waist and one at the lower hip. Also has an adjustable shoulder for ease of putting apron on and adjusting around breast/shoulder area. Because of the versatility in fit, it accommodates a wide range of wearers. Shoulder pads included. Choose Apron length when ordering.

Protection Options:

  • 0.5mm Pb Eq Front / 0.3mm Back:  RL Regular Lead,
  • 0.5mm Pb Eq Front / 0.25mm Back:  TL Lite Ply, NL-Non Lead, LF-Lead Free Bi-layer
  • 0.35mm Pb Eq Front / 0.25mm Back:  RLL Regular Lead, TLL Lite Ply, NLL-Non Lead, LFL-Lead Free Bi-layer
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